Financial Statements Cover Competition – Branding

Here are the basic brand guidelines to consider when designing your cover:

1. Logo

2. Colours

    Specific Pantone references should be used – see below for details:

    PRIMARY COLOUR – University Blue: Pantone 282
    PRIMARY COLOUR – University Grey: Pantone Cool Grey 9
    SECONDARY COLOUR – University Teal: Pantone 320
    SECONDARY COLOUR – University Magenta: Pantone 226

3. Font

    Helvetica should be used for main titles and content.

4. Photography

    Try to avoid images that look overly posed or ‘cheesy’ (imagine smiling students with their thumbs up –
    this is a ‘no no’). Realistic images of students, buildings, staff etc. should be used to promote the
    University’s modern and inspirational surroundings.

    You may wish to make use of the University’s royalty free corporate image bank.

5. Design

    The design the University uses on all publications and documents is clean, professional and sophisticated.
    This document will need to look like it’s part of the ‘family’.

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