Corporate social responsibility

As part of the tender process suppliers are evaluated in a number of ways. They include the supplier’s approach to corporate social responsibility under three headings.

Environmental responsibility

We will seek to influence our suppliers to adopt best environmental practices. The University wishes, whenever appropriate, to procure goods from sustainable sources and through recycling.

Social and ethical responsibility

The University attaches great importance to its role as a corporate citizen. It seeks to meet the highest standards of social, ethical and employment practice and expects its suppliers to adopt similar principles. All suppliers and their sub-contractors will be expected to follow best practice in the following areas: general employment practices, the employment of appropriate workers, employee insurance, safe working environment, respect for the individual worker; equal opportunities and freedom of association.

Diversity and equal opportunities

The University is committed to equal opportunities for all, and has specific regard to our duties under the Equality Act (2010) in relation the protected characteristics of; age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity. We are committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and diversity and as such we look to build business relationships with those suppliers who support and apply similar principles.

We may ask suppliers to provide a written statement of their policies and how they are implemented. Sometimes, we may ask to see the policy documents themselves.

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