University Finance Information

In the current academic year (2013/14) the Balance of Income and Expenditure of the University is expected to show a small surplus (see below), which is reinvested to improve facilities. The University is not a private or limited company and has no shareholders.

Total Income and Expenditure

If you look at our total Income you can see that it has been divided into sections of Academic Services, Administration and Central Services, Academic Departments, Premises, Residences and Catering Operations and Other Expenses. Our largest source of income comes from our Academic Departments with 43% of our total.

Total Income Based on Activity

We have made recent improvements to our facilities at the University, most recently with the new AAD Building which took Departments from their previous locations in the Thomas Parker House, Chad Varah House and Greestone the total spend on this building stands at £9.8m.

We are currently building the Joseph Banks Laboratories and the total spend to date stands at £4m exactly.

Capital Spend

If we look at our Total Income broken down into the categories of Tuition Fees and Educational Contracts, Funding Body Grants, Research Grants and Other Income, our largest percentage of Income from these catagories comes from Tuition Fees and Educational Contracts with a percentage of 55%.

Total Income

Separate the Income down again: this time into types of Students paying Tuition Fees you can see that the largest Income comes from our Home/Eu Students at 75%.

Total Income

If we look at now the Total Staff Numbers by department area we have a variety of different types of Staff working at the University, the highest percentage of Staff that are employed at the University are Teaching Academic Staff with a staggering 63%, quite a contrast from the second highest percentage of Staff that are Administration and Central Services.

Total Staff Numbers

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