FAQs – Accommodation

Q. Who can I speak to about my accommodation payments?

    A. Either call in to the Finance Department and speak to the Finance Representative, or call us on 01522 803120.

Q. I want to set up a payment plan for my accommodation fees, what are my options?

    A. When accepting your accommodation agreement you should have been prompted to setup a payment plan. If you did not do this or you are unsure either call into the Finance Department, 3rd floor, Minerva Building or call us on 01522 803120.

Q. I need to change the card details my payment plan is set up with, how can I do that?

    A. Either call into the Finance Department or call us on 01522 803120.

Q. I have a question regarding a University bursary/scholarship I feel I’m entitled to, or have applied for.

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