FAQs – Tuition

Q. Do I only need to apply for my Student Loan once?

    A. No, you need to apply for a loan prior to the start of each academic year.

Q. Who can I speak to about my tuition?

    A. Either call in to the Finance Department and speak to a Finance Representative, or call on 01522 886705.

Q. I think the amount I have been charged is incorrect, who should I contact?

Q. I want to set up a payment plan for my tuition fees, what are my options?

    A. Log onto pay.lincoln.ac.uk. You can either pay online, or for more information please call the
    Finance Department on 01522 886705.

Q. I need to change the card details my payment plan is set up with, how can I do that?

    A. Either call into the Finance Department or call us on 01522 886705.

Q. I have outstanding tuition fees left on my University account; can I still enrol next year?

    A. No, you can neither re-enrol nor graduate until all outstanding tuition fees have been paid.

Q. I have a question regarding a University bursary I feel I’m entitled to, or have applied for.

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