Sponsor Payments

You will need to bring a sponsor letter with you to enrolment or, if you are enrolling by post, please enclose this with your enrolment paperwork. A sponsor letter is required for each academic year you enrol.

The sponsor letter should be on letter headed paper and signed by your line manager/Director, addressed to the University of Lincoln. The sponsor letter should include your name, the academic year you are being sponsored for, ie. 2016/17, the programme title, and the amount.

If your sponsor requires a purchase order or other reference number quoting on their invoice, this should be indicated on the letter. If you are unable to provide evidence of your sponsorship at the enrolment session you will be required to arrange payment of your own programme fees. This will only be cancelled upon receipt of a valid sponsorship letter. If you sponsor fails to pay their agreed contribution, the liability for outstanding fees will fall back to you.

Where a sponsor’s payment is outstanding for more than 30 days, the University shall have direct recourse to the student, who shall be automatically liable for any outstanding sum.

*Your sponsor must be a commercial body (not a private individual such as a friend or relative).

*Sponsors cannot pay by instalments.

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