Orders, Invoicing and Payment

Placing orders

The University places orders either by official purchase orders or by means of an immediate card payment on a corporate purchase card. The following provides useful information in this respect:

  • Other than for purchase card payments, you should not accept a request for goods, works or services without a valid University of Lincoln Purchase Order number. You will receive this by email.
  • You should only invoice us when you have received our Purchase Order number and have supplied the goods, services or works.
  • Our Purchase Orders will clearly state the goods or services required, the quantity and price. The delivery and invoice addresses may be different, but these will be clearly marked.
  • Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply unless alternative contract arrangements are agreed.
  • If you have a query regarding an order, please contact the University of Lincoln contact name given towards the top of your Purchase Order. If this section has been left blank on your order, please contact Accounts Payable by e-mail at ap@lincoln.ac.uk

Invoicing the University

To help us pay you on time please:

  • Send your invoices (PDF, MS Word or TIFF Format) to invoices@lincoln.ac.uk .
  • Include a valid purchase order number, failure to do will result in a delay in payment.
  • Please note that our weekly payment run is carried out on a Thursday and payment will be credited in your account on the following Monday. All invoices due on or before the following Monday will be included in the payment run. Remittance advices are sent electronically.
  • Be aware that the University’s standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of a valid invoice (unless otherwise agreed).
  • If you have supplied the University with goods or services and did not receive a Purchase Order to confirm our order, please liaise with your University of Lincoln contact to raise a Purchase Order before you send your invoice to us.
  • Ensure descriptions, prices and quantities match the Purchase Order. Your invoice may be returned if you quote information relating to a previous order.
  • Submit valid VAT invoices (unless you are not registered for VAT).
  • If you have any queries regarding payments or invoicing, please contact the Accounts Payable Team by emailing ap@lincoln.ac.uk .

All Invoices should include the following information:

  • The word “invoice” on the document.
  • A unique identification number (invoice number).
  • Company, name, address and contact information.
  • A description of what you are charging the University for.
  • The date of the invoice.
  • The amount being charged.
  • The amount of VAT (if applicable).
  • The total amount due.
  • A valid University of Lincoln Purchase Order number.
  • The address of the University’s Accounts Payable Department:

Accounts Payable, Finance
University of Lincoln,
Brayford Pool,
LN6 7TS.

If your company is a registered limited company, also include:

  • Your company registration number.
  • The address of your company’s registered office.

International invoices

 The weekly international payment run is processed each Friday and the payment will be credited into the supplier’s bank account 5-10 working days from the process date.

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