Financial Regulations



1.1 Introduction
1.2 Status of the Financial Regulations
1.3 Responsibility for Compliance
1.4 Scheme of Delegated Financial Authorities

Corporate Governance

2.1 Responsibilities
2.2 Risk Management
2.3 Audit
2.4 Fraud and Bribery
2.5 Financial Misconduct and Whistle Blowing

Financial Management

3.1 Accounting Records, Procedures and Principles
3.2 Treasury Management
3.3 Banking Arrangements
3.4 Contracts

Income, Commercial Activity and Debtors

4.1 Invoicing and Collection of ‘Non-Cash’ Income
4.2 Cash Income
4.3 Fundraising and Gifts Received
4.4 Student Welfare and Access Funds
4.5 Private Work and Other Appointments
4.6 Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures and Associated Companies

Expenditure and Creditors

5.1 Ordering and Payment of Goods and Services
5.2 Non-Pay Revenue Expenditure
5.3 Capital Expenditure
5.4 Appointment and Payment to Employees


6.1 Physical Assets
6.2 Intellectual Assets
6.3 Insurance

Appendix A Scheme of delegated Financial Authorities
Appendix B – Waiver of Financial Regulations Form
Appendix C – Schedule of Supporting Policies

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