Statement Of Financial Guiding Principles

The Financial Guiding Principles set out below support and direct every member of the University in achieving our Corporate Objective of “creating a financial environment to allow us to invest in our future”.

  • We shall obey the law and abide by relevant regulations
  • All financial decisions shall be consistent with the University’s aims and objectives
  • We shall conduct our financial business with integrity, openness and honesty
  • We will protect the University’s financial information, assets and interests
  • We shall strive to obtain value for money and consider sustainability in all our dealings
  • We shall keep accurate financial records

The Financial Regulations is a key document that governs the way that the University manages its financial affairs. Apart from certain specific requirements, it is a principles-based document that refers to supporting policies and procedures that provide more detailed guidance.

It is impossible for the Financial Regulations and supporting policies and procedures to cover each and every scenario that an individual may encounter. The financial guiding principles set out above provide high-level guidance. If there is no reference to a specific circumstance, then adherence to these principles will ensure that officers and employees are acting in a proper and appropriate manner.

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