Financial information and Statistics 14/15


Where does the university’s income come from?

The main source is of course from student tuition fees, but you will see that we also receive income from other projects such as Research projects.

(£ in thousands)
Government Funding Grants 12,402
Student Tuition Fees
     Home/EU 80,926
     International 14,229
Research Projects 5,997
Residencies, Catering and Conferences 6,779
Other Income (including consultancy, rental, capital grants) 8,511
TOTAL 128,914


How does the University spend its income?

  • Running our academic departments
  • Providing support for our academics and students such as the library and IT services
  • Maintaining our campus
  • Undertaking research projects
  • The day to day running of the University, which includes central support departments, governance and regulation compliance
(£ in thousands)
Running Academic Departments 52,256
Premises 17,051
Academic Support Services 13,421
Residencies, Catering and Conferences, plus Staff and Student Facilities 12,828
Central Admin and General Expenditure 10,460
Student bursaries and Scholarships 8,445
Research projects 5,089
TOTAL 119,550

Staff Numbers

Our biggest cost is in staff and continuous investment has been made in attracting and retaining quality teaching staff and improving our staff to student ratios.

(Staff Numbers)
Teaching Departments 911
Running the University 218
Teaching Support Services 142
Staff and Student facilities 97
TOTAL 1,368


Why doesn’t the University spend all its income?

The office is a ‘not for profit organisation’ but it is essential that we are financially stable and are able to invest in our future. We therefore make a surplus to allow us to invest in the physical and technological infrastructure of the University and continually improve the student experience

Investing in our University

‘Lighting up Lincolnshire’


Capital Investment in new academic buildings and facilities. Including:

Joseph Bank Laboratories

State of the art facilities and clinical teaching space – £12m – Opened September 2014

Substantial investment in the technological environment
Isaac Newton Building

New home for Schools of Computer Science, Engineering and Maths and Physics

Planned new waterfront Student Residences
Sarah Swift Building

New home for Schools of Health and Social Care and Psychology

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