EC Procurement Thresholds

All procurement in the public sector is subject to EC Treaty principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and transparency. The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 set out for public sector contracting authorities such as the University of Lincoln, detailed procedures for the award of contracts whose value exceeds specific thresholds.

In accordance with the regulations, supply, service and works procurements with an estimated value over the relevant threshold (see below) must be advertised in the OJEU.

All suppliers replying to an OJEU advertisement have an equal opportunity to express interest in being considered for tendering. We ensure those selected to tender receive the same information on which to make their bid.

Advertisements must appear in the OJEU before being repeated in any other publication. Expressions of interest must be received as instructed in the advertisement.

OJEU advertisements are published daily in Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), the on-line version of the Supplement S to the OJEU containing calls for tenders, contract awards and pre-information notices. TED can be accessed at


Purchase, hire, lease or hire purchase of goods, including equipment, commodities and manufactured products.

Including (for example) maintenance and repair, computer services, financial services and consultancy.

Civil engineering and building works, including major refurbishment projects.
Public sector contracting authorities £172,514


Services covered by the Regulations are divided into part A and part B services, with the full impact of the Regulations applying to part A services only.

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