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All You Need To Know

Self Paid Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are invoiced by Student Administration and any queries should be directed to the team at

Tuition fees can be paid in full or by setting up an instalment plan online. Instalments are due on the 15th of each month for a term of between two and nine months. Payments commence in September 2015 or the month following your enrolment.

To pay your fees by credit/debit card please visit


If a sponsor is paying your fees then a copy of your sponsor letter should be attached when updating your enrolment information on Blackboard. If this is not possible, you will need to take a copy to the Finance Department (3rd Floor, Minerva Building).

This letter must be signed by your Manager/Director and must include your full name, the academic year you are being sponsored for, the programme title and the amount. The letter should be addressed to the University of Lincoln, printed on letter headed paper and your sponsor must be a commercial body, not an individual.

Please note, one sponsor letter is required per academic year.

Outstanding Debts

You will need to clear any outstanding tuition fees that you owe to the University before your enrolment can be completed or your Graduation place confirmed*. To make a payment please visit:

*In accordance with university Regulations Part H

Student Loans

If a Student Finance company are paying your fees please be aware that Student Finance does NOT automatically continue from one year to the next. Even if you‘ve had student finance in previous years you will need to re-apply for this year.

Our Student Funding Team, (based in the Student Support Centre) can help with any issues regarding your funding. Contact details for Student Finance are listed on the back page of this guide.

Making Payments

Paying by Card (in Person)

  • Credit/debit card payments can be made in person at the Finance Office.
  • Please be sure that your card is signed on the reverse and that the card is registered to yourself (not a parent, guardian or friend).

Sometimes high value (£5,000+) transactions can be declined for security purposes, this is perfectly normal and not something to be concerned about. We may ask you to contact your card provider in this instance.

Online Payments/Instalment Payments

To set up a tuition fee payment plan or to pay in instalments, please visit

Bank Transfers


Home Students To pay your tuition through bank transfer, please visit:

EU and International Students To pay your tuition through bank transfer, please visit:


Please use the following details:

Method: Same day payment
Bank: Lloyds
Address: 202 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7AP
Sort code: 30-95-05
Account number: 02770857
Swift code: LOYDGB21192
I-BAN: GBB89LOYD30950502770857

Please ensure you include your name and student ID (e.g. ABC12345678)

Please ensure that you send us GBP (£) Sterling, providing all of the above information. This will avoid any delays to your payment reaching University.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I only need to apply for my Student Loan once?

No, you need to apply for a loan prior to the start of each academic year


Who can I speak to about my tuition/accommodation payments?

Either call into the Finance department (3rd Floor, Minerva Building) to speak to

a Finance representative or call the Finance Department on 01522 886705


I think the amount I have been charged is incorrect, who should I contact?

For billing queries you should contact Student Administration on


I want to set up a payment plan for my tuition/accommodation fees, what are my options?

Log onto You can either pay online, or for more information please contact Finance on 01522886705


I would like to pay my outstanding Library fines

Log onto Log onto your blackboard site and click the ‘Library’ tab, or call the Library on 01522 886222


I need to change the card details my payment plan is set up with, how can I do that?

Call the Finance Department on 01522 886705


I have outstanding tuition fees left on my University account can I still enrol next year?

No, you can neither re-enrol nor graduate until all outstanding tuition fees have been paid.

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